Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mark 5:36

Have you had times of competition that assaulted your belief in your teammates, your game plan or even in your own abilities?  What do we have to believe in when our strengths are called into question?  The Scripture for today brings us strong encouragement.

In Mark's gospel at chapter 5 and verse 36, Jesus is talking to a man whose daughter has been critically ill and has just been told that she had died.  He says to the father, "Do not be afraid any longer, only believe."  Sometimes we can be overcome by a sense of fear when we see the vision of things we hope for dimmed by present circumstances.  Jesus' word to us is the same as to the father of the little girl, "Do not be afraid any longer, only believe."

This man's faith was assaulted by the news that his daughter had already died.  Our faith is sometimes assaulted by newspaper articles, t.v. reports, or second guessing and negative talk by classmates.  Jesus calls us to maintain a trust regarding our goals and the things we hope for in our lives.

He says "only believe."  Believe what?  Believe in a concept or a set of ideas?  No, Christ calls us to believe a person, Himself.  In the same way as you believe your friends to tell you the truth, we believe God to tell the truth about the real affairs of life.  I believe Him.

When you compete today, do not be afraid of anything, rather only believe!  Believe in what God's doing in you.  Believe in your coaches and teammates.  Trust God to do great things in you. 

Bible Reading Plan:
Matthew 11:20-30
Psalms 26
Exodus 7-9