Sunday, November 18, 2018

John 7:24

Do you remember your first impression of your coach?  How about the first time you met your teammates?  Now that you know them better, are they what they appeared to be at first glance?  Jesus knew something about this and speaks about it today.

He is quoted by the John at chapter 7 and verse 24 as saying, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

First glances seldom produce a wise assessment of the truth about people.  Your first impressions of your teammates were probably proven to be false by hours of interaction and weeks of competition.  That’s why Jesus says to not judge by appearances.  Appearances only deal with the surface level of people.  Jesus wants us to focus on the heart.

Righteous judgment is better because it can see past the appearances and facades, penetrating to the heart of the matter.  Righteous judgment gets to motivation, to desires, to heart-felt qualities like compassion and love. 

Let’s employ this wisdom in today’s competition.  Let’s not be ruled by what we see on the surface.  Let’s look deeper to the issues of the heart among our teammates and strive to call out the best in each other.  Let’s exercise righteous judgment and watch our team excel.

Bible Reading Plan:
John 12:1-11
I John 4:7-21
Job 16
Ezekiel 45-47